About the Jimmy Jib

The Jimmy Jib can be quickly built from 6ft to 30ft in length, making it great for getting to places other camera cranes can’t.

The basic Jimmy Jib kit includes:

  • Jimmy Jib crane (6-18ft) and remote head

  • 17” HD monitor

  • 9” TX monitor

  • All-terrain 3-wheeled base

  • Focus, zoom and iris control for Canon and Fujinon TV lenses

  • Wooden Camera Bridge Plate and 19mm bars

  • Sony Quick Lock base plate

  • Cue light system

  • Rain covers

  • Battery support

  • All necessary tools


The Jimmy Jib Extreme kit includes:

  • All the above plus additional sections and cables to build 21ft, 24ft and 30ft lengths

  • All-terrain 4-wheeled base


Additional chargeable accessories include:

  • Digital Film Support kit - allows the jib to work with digital film cameras and lenses such as the RED, Sony F55 and F65, Canon C300 etc.

  • Trackable studio ped base for use in television studios

  • 10” camera-mounted autocue LCD

  • Jimmy Jib track

Joe Finan Jimmy Jib operator UK. London, Manchester, Cardiff