The Standard Jimmy Jib Package

This is the most popular package and is suitable for the large majority of productions.  The package includes:

  • Jimmy Jib operator
  • Jimmy Jib assistant
  • Jimmy Jib  (with remote head, HD monitoring, battery support and all-terrain base)
  • VW Transporter and trailer
  • Specially modified electric John Deere Gator with Jimmy Jib mount
  • £1,385 + VAT based on a 10hr day

See below for a full breakdown of individual costs, included hours and details of a few additional options.  
For added flexibility, all the items listed below are kept on my van, so are available on the day should the requirements of the production change unexpectedly.

All packages are entirely flexible.  To discuss the ideal set-up for your production, please contact me.

Jimmy Jib Operator

(10hr minimum day)

then £50 per hour up to 12hrs
£75 per hour up to 14hrs
£100 per hour after 14hrs/midnight

Jimmy Jib Assistant

(10hr minimum day)

then £28 per hour up to 12hrs
£42 per hour after 12hrs
£56 per hour after 14hrs/midnight

Jimmy Jib

£325 per day
Includes Jimmy Jib (6, 9, 12, 15 and 18ft lengths)
with remote head, HD monitoring,
battery support, all-terrain base, rain covers and tools

Jimmy Jib Extreme

£425 per day
As per the standard kit but with the additional
sections and struts to build 21ft, 24ft and 30ft lengths


£85 per day
VW Transporter, includes 50 miles, £0.45 per mile thereafter
Charges such as tolls, congestion charge and parking will be additional

Additional Options

John Deere Gator Off-Road Vehicle

£200 per day
Specially modified, electrically powered John Deere Gator
with Jimmy Jib mount.

Film Camera Support

£75 per day
Allows the Jib to work with full-frame digital film cameras such as the RED, Sony F55/F65, Canon C500 etc.


£100 per day
Up to 30ft of Jimmy Jib track

Studio Ped Base

£70 per day
For use on a TV studio floor allowing greater flexibility
and faster repositioning of the Jib


The Jimmy Jib can take any broadcast television or digital film camera.  In most cases, production prefers to supply the camera.  However, I am more than happy to supply whatever camera suits your production.  

Please contact me to discuss this further.


All prices exclude VAT at 20%

Last updated 16th January 2017