The Gator

The Jimmy Jib becomes even more versatile when it's mounted on The Jib Co.’s off-road, all-terrain vehicle.

Entirely battery powered, this modified John Deere Gator ATV allows the Jib to be quickly, easily and silently repositioned, removing the need to partially de-rig and re-rig the Jib when changing location.  This means more shots in less time and no hold-ups to the production.

  • Fully electric and totally silent which won't disrupt the shoot.
  • Perfect for use on any terrain - grass, sand, tarmac, gravel, mud - and in all weathers.
  • Large tyres spread the weight in order to minimise damage to the ground's surface.
  • Allows the Jib to get to places other cranes cannot.
  • Greatly reduces the time needed to reposition the Jib - no need to de-rig and then re-rig in the new position.

The Gator easily lasts for an entire day of busy filming on a single charge.

For more information, please contact me or scroll down for more photos.

Jimmy Jib on the off-road Gator

When mounted on the all-terrain vehicle, it's quick and easy to get the Jimmy Jib into almost any place.

The large tyres spread the weight of the Gator, meaning the grass is unaffected.