Jimmy Jib Packages

The Jimmy Jib comes in a number of configurations and has all sorts of accessories.

We can tailor-make a bespoke package for your production, but as a guide, below are four of the most popular configurations that suit the majority of productions - just click on the buttons for a detailed breakdown of what's included.

The Jimmy Jib is always supplied with a Jimmy Jib operator and Jimmy Jib technician.

For more information or to discuss the best package for your production, please contact us.


Up to 18ft in length and suitable for the majority of productions.

Same as the Basic Package but able to be built to a massive 30ft in length.

This package allows the jib to work with full-frame cameras and comes with 24ft of track.

For extreme locations, the jib is mounted onto an all-terrain electric vehicle for quick and easy repositioning.