The ultimate all-terrain Jimmy Jib.  By mounting the Jimmy Jib on The Jib Company's specially modified electric vehicle, no location is too much.  Repositioning becomes quick, easy and silent meaning more shots in less time.  And whether you're shooting on a beach, in a field, in mud, on a hill... the Gator will get the Jib where it needs to be.

  • Jimmy Jib operator
  • Jimmy Jib technician
  • Jimmy Jib with remote head and battery support
  • Specially modified John Deere Gator electric vehicle
  • 17" HD monitor
  • 9" HD TX monitor
  • Zoom, focus and iris support for Canon and Fujinon TV lenses
  • Film lens support (PL mount etc.)
  • Arri BP-5 slide plate and 19mm bars
  • Chrosziel quick lock camera base plate
  • Cue light system
  • Wet weather covers
  • Volkswagen Transporter & trailer

For more information, please visit the Gator page or contact us for information on pricing and availability.

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